Our services in relation to LNG distribution includes.

Supply of LNG

of Tank Sizes

Free technical advices
by our expert team of

Designs, construction,
operation of Combined Heat
and Power (CHP) and
Trigeneration system

maintenance service



"We supply LNG right to your point of use"

After receiving gas from the depot and loading them into LNG Truck Tank, we will transport them to our clients’ sites across the country.



Other than LNG distribution, we can also design, install and control LNG Storage, regasification and integration with existing system at customer’s operation plant including pre-commissioning and commissioning. IBCLNG offers to undertake this as a single point solution including investment for all assets required other than foundation and civil under a long term contract. However, the client can do the complete investment as well in which case IBCLNG will only supply the LNG. Other services that we offer includes:

  • Design of Tank Sizes
  • Design of tank sizes suitably to each unique applications and client’s area of availability.

  • Cold Air
  • Cold Air Content

  • Transmitter Installation Service
  • Transmitter Installation Service Content

  • Free Advice
  • Free Advice Content

  • Operation Advice
  • Operation Advice Content

  • Maintenance Service
  • Maintenance Service Content