We endeavor to achieve our five key targets of sustainability.


Innovation in construction technologies and processes brings Progress


Ensuring ethical standards & ensuring quality of working conditions – compensation, safety, equality is an investment in your People


Minimizing project’s ecological footprint and maximize positive impact on environment is an important measure for good Performance


Economic viability and compatibility and flexibility to adapt lead to long term Prosperity


High standards of construction quality and finish is a form of our cultural expression to create built environment as a beautiful Place.



LNG is safe to use, environmental friendly and has a minimal social effect in relative to other fuels. It is odorless, colorless, non-corrosive, non-explosive and non-toxic and will not ignite until and unless it turns into vapor where a source of ignition is present, and even then, the vapor will not ignite until it is mixed with air and becomes extremely diluted (5% – 15% vaporized gas:air ratio). Below 5%, there is an insufficient amount of gas presented in the air to burn, and above 15%, there is insufficient oxygen, hence making it safe for applications

LNG is considered as a highly efficient source of fuel due to its highly flammable characteristic. It undergoes a complete combustion process thereby enables a maximum amount of energy from the fuel to be achieved. Gas density of LNG is relatively much lower than that of the ambient surroundings i.e. air, therefore in case where leakage occurs, LNG would rise above the atmospheric air making it a safer option in comparison with other fuels.